Current 93 – HoneySuckle Aeons (2011)

Labeled apocalyptic folk, experimental music, dark ambient, neofolk, even post-industrial and musical influences include religious chants, traditional folk music, but also some progressive bands such as Yes, King Crimson, Emerson, Lake & Palmer, Current 93 it’s hell of a trip musically and literally. David Michael Bunting aka David Tibet renamed “Tibet” by Genesis P-Orridge are what we usually called a weirdo. He took off from preoccupation with mysticism, mostly influenced by the works of Aleister Crowley and ended up stating that he now identifies himself as a Christian. Kind of backward trip of Crowley. 😀 Still, he kept in he’s project name the number “93”, number of great significance in Thelema, the religious philosophy founded by Crowley. (The central philosophy of Thelema is in two phrases from Liber AL: “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law” and “Love is the law, love under will.” The two primary terms in these statements are “Will” and “Love”, respectively. In the Greek language, they are Thelema (Will) and Agape (Love). Using the Greek technique of isopsephy, which applies a numerical value to letters, the letters of both of these words when added together equal 93). 

Current 93 have released over twenty albums, and many singles since 1982 as well as having been a guest on many artists’ records. Tibet has been the only constant in the group, though Steven Stapleton (of Nurse with Wound) has appeared on nearly every Current 93 release. Michael Cashmore (Nature And Organisation) has also been a constant contributor. Douglas P. of Death In June has played on well over a dozen Current 93 releases, and Steve Ignorant of Crass, Boyd Rice, runologist Freya Aswynn, Nick Cave, Björk, Andrew W.K., Will Oldham, Ben Chasny, Rose McDowall,Tiny Tim, Tony Wakeford of Sol Invictus, Marc Almond, John Balance of Coil and Ian Read of Fire + Ice have also worked with Tibet over the years.
11 new songs, somehow kind of sick stuffs, little bit depressive sometimes, dark and gloomy mostly. Folk elements are switched with kind of minimalist psychedelic phrases, Tibet sounds like suffering, punishing himself and this way his listeners. But there’s a few interesting moments even if there’s no light. “Cuckoo” with some Arabic feeling it’s one of the good moments, “Jasmine” have a nice psychedelic feeling, “Pomegranate” it’s an interesting construction with nice textures, “Honeysuckle” waving around nicely and “Persimmon” is another better moment. Actually I think Tibet was more interested in his lyrics and message than in the music.

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