Aiden – Disguises (2011)

Beavis and Butt-head were sitting on they famous couch and watching a video on the almighty eMpTyV. Actually it was an old Black Sabbath clip. “Paranoid” if I remember it right. They joking about “this is Ozzy’s son” and stuffs like that. Beavis said “they rocks! they are Americans!”, but Butt-head screamed back: “No dumbass, they are from Seattle!”
Well, it was two decades ago, but I remember it now because the new Aiden material starts like a Black Sabbath album from the 70s and continue with a great Iron Maiden riff and well, these guys are from Seattle. For real.
America is a nation of immigrants and I believe the power of America comes directly from this multicultural composition. When a British band try to copy the American sound usually they ending up being nothing but a pale imitation, but when American bands try to sound British, well, sometimes they do a better job than the originals. “Disguises” will be released today, 29 March 2011, and it’s the fifth album by Aiden, formed in the spring of 2003. Wil Francis – vocals, guitar, piano, lyrics, Jake Davison – drums, Nick Wiggins – bass, and Angel Ibarra – lead guitar, plays a colorful rock/metal, alternative metal blended with post-hardcore elements. They have a lot of different influences and reminds me of a several different bands, but they have a few good moments and a couple of good songs and this is much more than what most of the bands from the new wave of so-called “alternative” whatever bands usually can show up. They do not reinvent the kick drum or the wireless microphone, but they put together a powerful rock album with a perfect groove and there’s something for everybody.

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