Queensryche: War in the Ryche of the Queen

Queensrÿche fans might be confused lately and the fan base seems split into two. We’re in the strange situation of “which is which and who is who” having a Queensrÿche A and a Queensrÿche B, both sides accusing each other of the worst.
“Frequency Unknown”, the new Queensryche album it’s due to release on April 23 on Deadline Music/Cleopatra Records. Actually one of the new Queensrÿche albums, the other one have no title yet and it’s recorded by “another” Queensrÿche. Sadly, two quite different bands running with the same name in two different directions.
“Frequency Unknown” featuring original Queensrÿche vocalist Geoff Tate along with an entirely new – all stars kind of – line-up consisting of Read more Queensryche: War in the Ryche of the Queen