Blush Response – Tension Strategies (2013)

Blush Response Tension Strategies 2013 Blush Response was an electropop group formed sometime around 2000 and featured Billie Schubert, Trevor Gagner and Brandon Flowers, who left the band in 2001 and formed The Killers with Dave Keuning.
This Blush Response have nothing to do with that one. Eventually, it’s just another case of bad choice of name. The solo project of musician Joey Blush is based in New York and was created in 2009 and officially launched in June 2009 with the release of “Reduce You”, a two track release, featuring demo versions of songs.
The debut album, “We Are Replicants” was released in 2010, shortly after followed by the single EPs “Control Freak” and “Impossible”.
Joey Blush remixed Dangerous Muse’s single “I Want It All”, TENSE’s “Disconnect Myself”, iVardensphere’s “Bonedance”, Batillus’s “Cast” and Pouppée Fabrikk’s “H8 U”. In early 2012, he was tapped to add additional synth programming to the new Fear Factory record “The Industrialist”. He also provided a remix for the deluxe edition CD.
The second Blush Response album, “Tension Strategies” was released on March 05, 2013 on Tundra in the US and Haujobb’s label Basic Unit Productions in Europe and Russia. Read more Blush Response – Tension Strategies (2013)