Massive – Full Throttle (2014)

Massive - Full Throttle (2014)

Massive - Full Throttle (2014) While AC/DC is about retirement, Australia seems to find – finally – their new rock’n’roll Gods. In a world of hybrid and alternative musics, a world of fakes and imitations, a world of consume and (tasteless) products, it’s both eccentric and refreshing to hear some good old fashioned guitar riffs and neat, but goddamn exciting rock’n’roll grooves, screams and pounding drums.
And this is what Massive it’s all about. High-octane, rock’n’roll flavored hard rock. A little bit of AC/DC, some powerful Led Zeppelin riffs, the energy of Guns’N’Roses with the true blood hard rock melodies of Darkness, and the result it’s explosive and deadly. “One by One” will raise the dead and it will ringing in your ears for days once it gets into your system. This is truly infectious! Maybe they didn’t re-invent the rock, but they do it right!
Probably since “Appetite for Destruction” we didn’t have something so ferocious and irresistible. So, ladies and gentlemen, let’s go to the motherf*ckin’ dancefloor!! Read more Massive – Full Throttle (2014)