M.T. – Rock Remix Collection (2012)

Remixers are widely under-rated and almost marginalized, kind of feeders of the Music Industry. Most of the remix contests are about promoting the artist and the remixes are generally only secondary sub-products of this process. This is not quite fair, but well, music became lately only a secondary sub-product of the Music Industry/Business, so, it’s not quite surprising.
M.T. (Mihai Tivadar) is a Romanian musician and producer with a constant activity on the national rock scene. He made his name as a keyboard player, guitarist and main songwriter of the rock band Dirty Shirt. Additionally, he has played in and wrote music for several other bands, most notably Rhetorica, Arca, Eclipse and Neverland. He actively took part in the organization of festivals such as East West Fest, Dirty Fest, and RockFest Seini as well as a number of successful tours such as Dirty Tour (Romania, Hungary and Germany), Metal Orient Express (Romania), Tripod Tour (Romania and Hungary), Allied Forces Tour (Romania and Hungary), From East to West Tour (France and Belgium), etc. Read more M.T. – Rock Remix Collection (2012)