FiXTed for the weekend (Lot of FREE DOWNLOADS!)

Have some good stuffs from FiXT to deliver, and while I was pretty absent and jammed lately, I decide it to put up a playlist with all those tracks and serve them here and now together. Have some killer beats, tortured and contorted wobbling basses, fire starter and explosive anthems to moving the people of the dance floor, but not exclusively.
First of all we have a FREE DOWNLOAD (with the request to donate), the Figure’s remix of Citizen Cope’s “Lifeline”. Noah D’s release of “That Diff” it’s also available for free download. Producer/Composer Jack Trammell bring a free Track from the “Pillars of Creation” called “Critical Mass” where heavy bass music brutally crash into classic orchestral score. Dank ft. jACQ brings to our attention the new Progressive House Banger “Crystals”. Last but not least, we will closing this weekend fire starter playlist with another remix and Free Download by FIGURE who reworked the Deltron 3030’s track “Upgrade.” Turn up your loudspeakers and let’s start the banging!! Read more FiXTed for the weekend (Lot of FREE DOWNLOADS!)

Jack Trammell – “Crushing Blow” and “Behemoth”

Jack Trammell’s music has been featured in the following movie trailers and video games: The Amazing Spider-Man, Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, Total Recall (2012), Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, Underworld: Awakening, In Time, Journey 2: The Mysterious Island, and Soul Caliber V.
“Crushing Blow” is the perfect soundtrack for the upcoming – and long awaited – Apocalypse, while “Behemoth” is build up on murderous noise hurricanes and smartly layered silent breakdowns. And by the way, “Behemoth” is available as FREE DOWNLOAD!
Jack’s music sounds like a constant struggle between aggressive noisiness and percussive made of contorted Dubstep and smoothly layered electronics. Excellent producer skills assorted with the sound of the future will turn Jack into a new rising star of the Electronic scene. Read more Jack Trammell – “Crushing Blow” and “Behemoth”