The Bunny The Bear – Stories (2013)

The Bunny The Bear - Stories (2013) I think they are funny. And honestly, humor it’s one of those qualities I appreciate in music while I’m a devoted Frank Zappa fan. But The Bunny The Bear reminds me of Green Jellÿ, obliviously a much modernized, updated, electronic fueled and club oriented version, but at basic level, the concept it’s pretty much the same: metal, fun and reaching out a larger audience by adding modern electronic layers, techno and trance flavor and vibe.
But while most of the “metalcore” labeled nowadays bands suffers from serious lack of inspiration and mainly only delivering sound, but never songs, The Bunny The Bear once again manage to gather a few good ideas and write several memorable themes and they have a couple of good songs. So, this “Stories”, the band’s third studio album it’s a refreshing mixture of catchy melodies, powerful riffs and banging electronics.
Matthew Tybor (The Bunny) and Chris Hutka (The Bear) have for you 11 tracks which were released through Victory Records on April 16th, 2013. Bang on this!! Read more The Bunny The Bear – Stories (2013)