(ghost) – Departure (2013)

This is a quite emotional journey on the wings of soulful, cinematic – and ghostly – electronic music. Sensitive grooves and mysterious layers of obscure melodies are the ingredients of this moods and feelings oriented exploration. It’s like a movie without words, it gives you the wings to fly through an endless space made up of dream and fear fragments.
In a world where half of the humans acting like everything’s just fine and dancing, while the other half are drowning in depression and waiting for Apocalypse every single day, an escape into some wide open spaces like “Departure” it’s like winning a trip to heaven.
“Departure” is the debut album from Connecticut based producer (ghost). Rooted firmly at electronic music’s crossroads where electronic pop, early artificial intelligence era ‘Warpisms’ and experimental electro intersect Departure follows a thinly structured concept in which a protagonist, possibly (ghost) himself(?), escapes a type of confinement in search of freedom or immunity. Read more (ghost) – Departure (2013)