Combichrist – We Love You (2014)

Combichrist - We Love You (2014)

Combichrist - We Love You (2014) While the post-dubstep mainstream EDM scene is populated exclusively by plastic dolls, posers and annoyingly boring “copies of imitations”, it’s quite refreshing to listen to something powerful, modern, but still attached to the classic values and to the classic sense of the values such as “We Love You”, the 7th and probably the deadliest album by Andy LaPlegua, the one man army and the master mind behind the Combichrist machinery. Although the Ministry parallels are still there, Combichrist it’s definitively one of the best and most intense EDM bands from the scene and their Aggrotech aggression it’s always meaningful and genuine each time.
Without reinventing the EDM, without doing anything revolutionary, they managed to sound fresh and refreshing, modern without becoming predictable and boring as most of the other bands and artists from the EDM scene are sounding. There is life and music after drops and wobbling s*its after all! Read more Combichrist – We Love You (2014)