Blood God – No Brain, But Balls! (2012)

Huge fan of AC/DC? Blood God will knock your balls out!! ­čść This is the newborn monster of┬á Thomas Gurrath of Debauchery. Their last year released debut album, “Germany’s Next Death Metal” made it to my list of favorite albums of 2011 with it’s explosive mixture of good old fashioned Rock grooves and Death Metal rawness. Now Thomas chose the more conventional path of AC/DC to set on fire your little headbanger parties and make the girls to take off – at least – their shirts. This is more AC/DC then AC/DC. Still, bonus for the Death Metal community, the second CD contains the whole album with ÔÇ×Debauchery styleÔÇť grunts, pretty strange and fun that blood spitting kind of vocals on those 101% AC/DC riffs, but taste is not an issue to discuss now. I prefer the first CD, but “No Brain, But Balls!” it’s the record you need for a murderous party, and this is the only thing which really matters! Read more Blood God – No Brain, But Balls! (2012)