Army Of The Universe – 1999 & The Aftershow (2016)

Army Of The Universe - 1999 & The Aftershow

Army Of The Universe - 1999 & The Aftershow For Fans Of KMFDM, Ministry, and “Mechanical Animals” era Marilyn Manson, the Italian trio Army Of The Universe delivers a fancy cocktail of industrial rock riffs, modern electronica, analog synths sounds and overwhelming dance beats. Pure entertainment.
Formed in 2008 by trance and techno producer Albert Vorne (aka Trebla), vocalist Lord K, lead singer of Kult of the Skull God, and guitarist Davide Tavecchia, the band toured with KMFDM in North America in August 2011 and supported Skinny Puppy on the February leg of their 2014 Live Shapes for Arms tour.
Follow up their debut, “Mother Ignorance” (mixed and produced by Chris Vrenna) and a consistent second album, “The Hipster Sacrifice”, their third strike seems to be the deadliest.
12 plus bonus, “1999 & The Aftershow” will make you scream and dance.
My personal favorites are “1999”, “The Aftershow”, “Little Paranoia” and “Late Detroit Nights”.
It’s your turn to discover your.

Coming out on October 07 on Metropolis Records.


01. 1999
02. Down Till Dusk
03. Another Escape
04. Digital Slag
05. Zeus (My Own Rebel)
06. I Lost My Sound
07. The Aftershow
08. Little Paranoia
09. Snake Was Rhight
10. Late Detroit Nights
11. Nobody 2.0
12. The Albert Hotel
13. Ninety Ninety Noise (B…ACK)

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Army Of The Universe - 1999 & The Aftershow

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