Zardonic ft. Mikey Rukus – Bring It On (NBC WSOF 2015 Theme) (2015)

Zardonic ft. Mikey Rukus - Bring It On (NBC WSOF 2015 Theme) (2015)

Bring It On 2015 Hip Hop/Rap meets wicked metal with dense electronic support. It’s intense and unstoppable as any genuine anthem should sound. And trust me, it will hit you right in your face and it will hit you hard!
International Electronic Metal Producer ZARDONIC has brought his signature aggressive bass to the the extreme sports and fighting world with his newest single “Bring It On (Feat. Mikey Rukus)”, out now on legendary eOne Music. Not for the feint of heart, the now NBC MMA World Series of Fighting main theme is a hard-hitting, unapologetic electronic metal anthem with distorted extreme guitars and bellicose lyrics from MMA music legend Mikey Rukus.
This is an example of the direction we’re taking for the new Zardonic album on eOne. Working with Mikey Rukus was an absolute pleasure and thanks to James Jeda CEO of Rocktagon Worldwide we put this insane collaboration together four months ago, and now it’s the Main Theme of World Series Of Fighting and is being heard by millions all over the world on NBC. I’m yet to know what it means to be happier than this! – ZARDONIC

Despite minimal radio play and little to no coverage from mainstream outlets, ZARDONIC keeps making history by being the most renowned Venezuelan DJ in all categories, with a constant tour schedule of headlining shows and festivals in 31 countries, packing clubs and arenas up to 20.000 attendants, as well as garnering millions of plays on YouTube, topping Arca (the Venezuelan producer behind Björk’s upcoming album) and even Grammy nominated bands like La Vida Bohéme, while still maintaining his unique Heavy EDM / Metal signature sound and cultivating a solid, hardcore fan base all over the world.
Mikey Rukus is the world leader in creating Customized Walkout Music for mixed martial arts fighters and Theme Music /Sound Libraries for MMA Promotions and Companies across the globe. From small local venues to the grand stage of the UFC, Mikey Rukus has helped provide branding and marketing solutions thru customized music that helps in brand awareness/establishment, reaching a client’s core demographic, and creating an alternative revenue stream thru download sales and licensing opportunities.

Catch ZARDONIC Live:
August 1st Las Vegas, Nevada @ World Series Of Fighting
August 30th Colombo, Sri Lanka @ Maelstrom Festival
September 12th Vernon, NJ @ Elemental Fusion Festival

ZARDONIC @ Soundcloud
Mikey Rukus – Official Site

Zardonic ft. Mikey Rukus - Bring It On (NBC WSOF 2015 Theme) (2015)

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