Random Being – World Without Memory, full album video

Random Being World Without Memory 2014

Random Being World Without Memory 2014 It’s not a secret, I love the debut effort by Random Being, I have written about it here.
Just a small reminder. Random Being it’s an on-line creative collective and their collaboration bring to the surface a magical-mystery world of sounds and emotions, grooves and emulations. Self label it “avant-pop”, their universe it’s a melting pot of different genres and flavors, it’s a place of psychedelia, space and progressive rock, fever-burned rhythmics, contorted samplers and sound manipulations, jazz grooves and tango fueled passions. It might be post-pop as well – while post became the new (fashionable) porn. Think of David Bowie, P.I.L., Peter Gabriel and Pink Floyd jamming in the same room.
Now they delight not only our ears, but as well our eyes delivering a throughout exciting video journey for all the songs from the album.

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Random Being – World Without Memory:
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