Upon A Burning Body – The World Is My Enemy Now (2014)

Upon A Burning Body – The World Is My Enemy Now (2014)

Upon A Burning Body – The World Is My Enemy Now (2014) I’m not really into deathcore, but accidentally I saw the video of “Sin City” and it’s really a great song filled up with killer riffs, smart breaks and wickedly crafted hooks. So, it made me curious about their upcoming third and deadly album, “The World Is My Enemy Now”.
And “Red Razor Wrists” it’s just like a punch right to your face, leave no room for mistakes and take your breath away instantly. The smoothly incorporated scratches and electronics and the murderous guitars with the furious vocals of Danny culminating with a catchy chorus make this one to be the perfect opener and convinced me that Upon A Burning Body it’s a band worth to follow.

Formed in 2005 in San Antonio, Texas, Upon A Burning Body, with their incredible live performance make them famous pretty quickly among the fans of the deathcore scene. Their highly acclaimed second album, “Red. White. Green.” debuted at No. 105 on the Billboard 200 in 2012 and bring them world wide recognition. They also did a cover of Florence And The Machine’s “Lover To Lover” for Sumerian Records’ “Florence + The Sphinx” compilation.
On 2nd July, the band managed to pull off a quite controversial publicity stunt in order to bring attention to themselves and their upcoming third album by announcing that singer Danny Leal might been abducted or kidnapped right before their scheduled appearance at the Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival. After the “incident” Ash Avildsen, Creator & CEO of Sumerian Records in the following official statement declared that it was done behind his back and that he dislike what the band deed. As expected, there’s a mix of reactions from fans regarding this publicity stunt and make me think what really worth to do for that famous 15 minutes of fame? If a band with the qualities of Upon A Burning Body need this kind of sick publicity stunts to make it through, I’m afraid what kind of sick things are up to do some less gifted and inspired artists…
Still, it’s quite odd that Sumerian Records did not put any updates about the band and their upcoming album on their official site. I think they should leave aside any disagreements and they should support seriously this band because they worth it and “The World Is My Enemy Now” it’s an album with great potential.
Produced by the same Will Putney, “The World Is My Enemy Now” sound perfectly and it’s filled up only with quality songs. I mean brutality and aggression throughout. The new drummer, Tito Felix fits in perfectly, have some killer grooves and insane beats throughout the album.
What makes them unique it’s the blending of quality melodies and total brutality into one. Definitively one of the best bands of the moment.


01 – Red Razor Wrists
02 – Scars
03 – Fountain of Wishes
04 – Bring the Rain
05 – Pledge Your Allegiance
06 – The New Breed
07 – A Toda Madrè ò un Desmadrè
08 – Judgement
09 – The World Is My Enemy Now
10 – Blood, Sweat and Tears
11 – I’ve Earned My Time
12 – Middle Finger To the World

Danny Leal – vocals (2005–present)
Ruben Alvarez – bass (2005-2012), guitars (2012-present)
Sal Dominguez – guitars (2005–present)
Rey Martinez — bass (2013–present)
Tito Felix – Drums (2014–present)

Mandatory, buy it or steal it, simply murderous!!

Upon A Burning Body – Facebook
Upon A Burning Body – Sumerian Records


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