Blackburner – From Dusk To Dub (2014)

Blackburner - From Dusk To Dub (2014)

Blackburner - From Dusk To Dub (2014) Cleopatra Records introduce Blackburner and their highly anticipated full-length album. Labeled “a bold new force in electronic music” and inspired by the new trends set on the electronic dance scene generated by the likes of fellow DJ Skrillex, Blackburner is the brain-child of multi-talented producer/musician Skyla Talon.
A Michigan-born Los Angeles transplant, Talon cut his teeth in the music capital of the world with the modern metal band Killingbird, which he founded, and in 2005 joined Scum Of The Earth, featuring former ROB ZOMBIE axeman Riggs.
The project immediately met with enormous success as compilations featuring BLACKBURNER climbed the iTunes charts and BLACKBURNER tracks racked up over 80,000 downloads. Hitting the top of Beatport Dubstep Charts at number 1 and presently continuing to stay on iTUNE Dance charts for over a year with their remix of Pumped Up Kicks. Bolstered by the overwhelming on-line buzz, preparations were made for a full-length album – and now the time has come for BLACKBURNER to make its worldwide launch. BLACKBURNER combines the heavily twisted and seriously aggressive Bass beats of Dubstep and Glitch with the melodic hooks of Electronica to create a daring yet widely appealing new hybrid sound.

We’ve got 16 tracks, a melting pot of contorted wobblings and drops, twisted sounds and groovy beats. The album delivers all the different sounds and approaches of the now fancy EDM scene from melodious retro electronic moments to the most aggressive post-dubstep butcheries.
Surprisingly – or not – my favorite it’s the least blunt, not dubstep, but hip hop flavored “Hotel Bitches” featuring Lil Wayne & Royce da 5’9. Its oriental perfume and cool vibe it’s quite unique and pretty different from the rest of the album.

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Blackburner (2014)


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