Nanowar of Steel – A Knight at the Opera (2014)

Nanowar of Steel - A Knight at the Opera (2014)

Nanowar of Steel -  A Knight at the Opera (2014) I have written about this Italian band long-long time ago, true in a different language, can find that article here. Their brand new – and third – album it’s the same brilliant and hilarious. Putting metal and gay in the same sentence would be blasphemy and an unforgettable sin some years ago, but since Rob Halford publicly came out as gay in 1998, things are changed… We’ve got gay metal ever since! 😆
How much true gay flavor or how much deep irony it is in Nanowar, it’s impossible to see clearly from this distance, but actually it doesn’t really matter while the outcome it’s so brilliant.
Formed in 2003, called simply Nanowar at first, the band added “of Steel” to their name to parody fellow Italian band Rhapsody’s name change to Rhapsody of Fire. So, here we go, their third album recall the classic 1975’s Queen album title, “A Night at the Opera” and it’s called in the Manowar’s heroic-epic manner “A Knight at the Opera”. Released on 23 February 2014 , and the album features some old tracks re-recorded and some new ones. It is sold as a CD + DVD, including Nanowar’s live performance at the True As Steel festival in Buelach, Switzerland, October 2007.

So, if you like that epic power/true metal sound and style, but you also got a good sense of humor, I recommend you Nanowar of Steel. Their technical qualities are indisputable, singer Mr. Baffo can easily sing both like Eric Adams (Manowar) and Bruce Dickinson (Iron Maiden), but the whole band and their performance it’s flawless.

It’s definitively something that worth to see live, but their album it’s a must have too. My favorite this time it’s “The Number Of The Bitch” ( 😆 ), but I enjoyed this true metal ride throughout. And have a few good laughs in the process. Other bands play, Nanowar gay!!! 😆

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