BLN – Moldern (2013)

BLN – Moldern (2013)

BLN – Moldern (2013) Some (so-called) specialists consider that the third album it’s the most important in the career of a musician or a band. While the debut album it’s like an introduction and a business-card, the second one defines more clearly the personality of the artist, the third it’s the album when critics and fans, the almighty audience, can decide if the artist worth our interest or it’s just another product of a saturated, cold and soulless industry.
BLN’s first, self-titled album was released after 13 long years of clubbing and gigging and BLN’s sound was more aggressive, he’s grooves where tensioned and contorted, his songs were filled with noisy and glitchy layers. At “Dizzy”, only one year after, BLN chilled down surprisingly, delivered a soft, more meditative IDM album leaving behind his industrial fueled, glitchy EDM roots. So, I was pretty curious in which direction BLN decided to took his ride this time.

Last time I wrote extensively about Victor – the sole man behind the Brazda Lui Novac (BLN) name – and his journey through the fields (and underground) of the music.
Can listen and buy the album HERE.

“ILA” It’s the opening track of this double disc release, the first disc consist of 10 brand new composition, while the second disc is made of remixes. “ILA” it’s simultaneously melodious and glitchy, shows perfectly the both sides of BLN and picking up from where the previous album left off.
“Care” it’s build in the similar vein, a very melodic line it’s surrounded by vibrating, noisy and glitchy rhythmic layers and textures. It’s like a waltz, reminded me of The Stranglers and they immortal “The Gospel According to the Meninblack” with that haunting “Waltzinblack”.
“Toy” it’s build upon a solid and round bass line which have a kind of familiar, warm and friendly feel. It’s pretty obvious that Victor this time put up on his agenda to unify the world and spirits from his previous two albums and definitively he find the perfect path to merge them into one.
“Silk” start out banging and and subtle synth riffs and mysterious noises and sounds are broken up and dancing. Kind of makes you feel loose and released.
“Trip” take a little bit darken turn, slow the tempo down and bring to the surface more textures, glowing pads and contorted grooves. It’s more in the spirit of “Dizzy”, more looking-inside type of meditative trips.
“Classic” goes down further on the same gloomier path, it’s more minimalist and subtle, quite cinematic and smoothly covered in dark textures and industrial flavored beats and hammerings.
“Prdss” have a more dramatic vibe, but also a more aggressive texture and sound, it’s cutting through instantly and remains ringing in your ears.
“Crystal” it’s somewhere right between The Kraftwerk and Trent Reznor’s late soundtrack experiments. Smart rhythmic layers and vivid melodies are growing together and reveling new dimensions. Some of the synth pads reminded me of the “Spiral” (1977) era Vangelis, pretty cool journey on the speed of sound!
“Naked” (featuring Luiza Zan) introduce a nice jazz flavor to this IDM experiment, very smart choice of departure from the traditional and conventional build-ups and sounds, but it’s also a nice island of a different vibe.
“Gandurile” – the English words for Thoughts – introduce another featuring, the band Monojacks.

It have a kind of indie flavor, reminds me both of U2 and some of their modern followers, it’s a nice combination of pop rooted melodies and beats with IDM textures and glitchiness.
And well, you’ve got a generous second disc filled up with pretty cool remixes and re-interpretations, which are at least same delicious as the originals, but also revealing different perspectives of the songs.

This is quite a sentimental album, quite different from what electronic music offers and tend to be nowadays. In a world populated by mediocrity and predictable, self-proclaimed dance tracks and idiotic mainstream EDM products, BLN offer us a smooth and subtle alternative, a joyful and memorable ride, the perfect soundcape to wash away the gray urban noises which surrounding and eating us up slowly and piece by piece every day.
“Moldern” – the perfect mixture of classic (old) electronica and modern sounds and technology, on the edge between analog and digital, but also putting soul into the body of the machine. A really cool and enjoyable ride throughout!

Buy it or steal it!! (9.90 EUR – Here)

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