Mombu – Niger (2013)

Mombu Niger 2013 The creative power-duo consists of Luca T. Mai – bariton saxophone player of the band “Zu” – and Antonio Zitarelli – drummer of the famous trio “Neo” – are back with 7, new, mind-blowing tracks.
No label will stick to it, impossible to tag or forced into any fancy box, this is not metal, not jazz, but unconventional, fresh, borderless music. The real thing. Probably not suitable for everybody, but only for true, conscious listeners. This is not tasteless, instantly forgettable background noise, it demands your full attention, but worth every single second of listening.
Afro-flavoured, addictive, tribal rhythms and sometimes hypnotizing, sometimes quite contorted and aggressive saxophone lines, melodies and slaughters. At the crossroads of avant-garde jazz and driving, intense hardcore, Mombu will definitively grind you into the ground. You’re doomed!


The digital album of 7-track, in your choice of high-quality MP3 or FLAC, are available for only €6 EUR. The CD Digipak – ships out within 1 day – which also includes the digital download, it’s available for €12 EUR, while a few copies of the limited edition (500 pices) classic vinyl records are still available for only €15 EUR.
Released: 21 March 2013.
Recorded at the Kick Recording Studio by Marco Mastrobuono and mixed at the Kutso Noise Home by Matteo Gabbianelli. Artwork by Stonino Drone Bosco.
Guests: Marco ‘Cinghio’ Mastrobuono on guitars and Mbar Ndiaye on percussions and vocals.


Label: Subsound Records

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