Thot – Rhythm.Hope.Answers – single (2013)

Thot are back. “Rhythm.Hope.Answers.” it’s their brand new single, available even for free download (name your price), but any donation will be appreciate it and re-invested in the music production of their upcoming new album.
Grégoire Fray, the brain and conductor of this self-declared Vegetal Noise Machine are here to give us a wake-up call while this world seems to sink in its own filth and hypocrisy. Still, can turn around and look the other way, but that wont change a thing. And well, you will not be able to change the world if you refuse to make some changes in your life and you are not willing to get involved in the things that going around. Not your problem? Seriously?

Eventually even noisier and pounding than ever before, with a further determined and positively furious Grégoire Fray and a powerful, modern and intense sound, “Rhythm.Hope.Answers.” it’s one of the most addictive Thot song and an intense exposure of state of world address today. Melodious, but glitchy passages and intense, post-rock and electro-industrial flavoured moments make this new song a really unique and unforgettable experience. Thrilled to listen it! On repeat for several times the last couple of days.
Listen it, grab it, share it and spread it, not at least, support the band to keep on doing music!!

Released 15 February 2013
Written, programmed and performed by Grégoire Fray.
Additionnal drums programming by Gil Chevigné.
Piano composed and perfomed by Hugues Peeters.
Additional recordings and mix by Eric Renwart at, Brussels (Belgium)
Mastered by Jo Ferliga at Tapewave Mastering (Italy).
© White Leaves Music 2013

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