Junkyard Birds – Freewheeling Free Will (2012)

The kickstarter “High Heels And Leather Boots” reminds me of Iggy’s “The Passenger”, it’s an enjoyable ride, although it’s a genuine, “bad to the bone”, wicked and dirty, garage Rock anthem. And Iggy’s name, the reflection of his wild spirit returns here and there along the album. But more present it’s the ghost of Lemmy, with roots back to Hawkwind and wings spread out to Motörhead.
Junkyard Birds find their own noisy path of raw, loud and distorted Rock perfumed with Blues resonances and turning into Psychedelic and Stoner shades. Fans of MC5 or Stooges, as well as fans of Blue Oyster Cult, Hawkwind or Fu Manchu and Monster Magnet will definitively gonna enjoy the ride along Junkyard Birds. But sometimes they reminded me of Cathedral too.

My favorites are “High Heels And Leather Boots”, “Serial Licker Blues”, “Lovers On The Edge Of Time” and “Ego Killing”, but the whole album it’s that in-your-face type of, dirty, heavy, slow grinding garage Rock. Can run, but can not escape.

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2 comments on “Junkyard Birds – Freewheeling Free Will (2012)

  1. You know what ?
    France is not dead and Iggy knows it. Because he is singing old french crooners song right now.
    The Junks had to react,,
    Rock is not dead neither Iguanas
    They are all parts of History.
    Nothing else to say
    Live and do’nt give up !

    • No one claimed that France is dead.
      For instance: Good Morning Bleeding City are a Parisian band and their album “Complete Omnivore” it’s one of my favorite releases of 2012. (Review: http://brushvox.wordpress.com/2012/08/23/g-m-b-c-complete-omnivore-2012/ )
      Iggy get soft, I’m not so impressed by his latest Blues and Chansonette experiments, but Iggy undeniably it’s still one of the most important figures of the music scene.
      Music is not dead either – generally speaking – but buried deeper and deeper under the trash of the so-called “music” business, “music” industry and not at least bought-up media.
      I’m just an old, tired, but still kicking punkrocker…. 😆

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