Bagheera – Drift (2012)

Vulgar Metal? More specifically, it probably means related to Pantera’s 1992’s album, “Vulgar Display Of Power” – I guess. And this combo from Lausanne, Switzerland definitively learned that lesson of riffing and brutal (sonic) aggression. Coming out on 5th October 2012, Bagheera’s debut album, “Drift” it’s filled with 10 groovy, intense, energy and anger fueled, classy Groove Metal tracks. This is not about “reinventing the steel”, but delivering flesh tearing and bone cutting riffs, head banger beats, and pogo starter grooves. Merging and invoking sounds and influences from Prong to Pantera and from Corrosion Of Conformity to Pro-Pain, Bagheera find the balance between Thrash roots and Hardcore intensity, Southern flavor and unleashed aggression.

Some of their riffs, grooves may sound familiar, there is actually nothing “edge cutting” new or surprising, but this sounds intense and right as it is. Stéphane Mustaki – guitar, Ed Nicod – guitar & vocals, Max Stauber – bass, and Robin Bertin – drum; delivered their best and “Drift” is an intense ride from the teeth kicker “Cliff” to the smoothly closing “Eins Zwei Die” (nice play of words in German vs. English). One of my favorites it’s the Prong feels-like “Ossified”; the intense, Hardcore driven “Rough”, the slower grinding, but extremely intense “80 Years To Learn Nothing”; and the title track, “Drift” with its more Southern and sun burnt flavor and contorted, schizophrenic ending.
Honest and deliberately intense debut, a start with the right foot.

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