The Elijah – I Loved I Hated I Destroyed I Created (2012)

When the market is full-filed with millions of same look-like, sound-like, taste-like products – not quite artists I’m afraid – sometimes (pre) judging a CD by its cover, might be a pretty strong argument. First the cover, then the title – “I Loved I Hated I Destroyed I Created” – grabbed my attention.
Dan – Vocals, Michael – Vocals, Guitar, Sean – Guitar, Orchestration, Sam – Bass, and Jakub – Drums managed to explore a quite unique path somewhere between Sigur Rós and At the Drive-In, a disturbing place where ambiental, cinematic soundscapes and turbulent, furious (Post) Hardcore collide and make an actually nice pair as only opposites are capable of.

The Elijah was formed in 2008, in Oswestry, North Shropshire, UK. They have released two EPs to date, entitled “The Ground We Stand On” in 2008 and “A Son: A Disease” in 2010, before this 10 track debut album.
Both, refreshing and depressing, The Elijah merged Post-Rock, experimental/ambiental music spiced with acoustic and symphonic arrangements and Hardcore rawness and heaviness. It’s a dangerous, explosive, but still sensitive, subtle cocktail, sounds different, unique, still familiar, with roots back to a million different “things’ we’ve already heard, enjoyed. Moments of reflection, sometimes quite desperate trips to some strange and dark places, are present as lighter, calmer, beautiful passages and angry, raging moments of revolt. This journey is always surprising, filled of unexpected and excitement.


01. In Misery
02. I Loved
03. In Fear
04. I Hated
05. In Regret
06. .
07. I Destroyed
08. ..
09. In Death
10. I Created

Due to a manufacturing problem, the release date for the album will be next Monday the 9th of July, but everyone who has pre-ordered the album, still get to hear it today, just have to send the band a message to their inbox on Facebook which include the email address you purchased with and they will sent a link and password to download the album.

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