Meredith – Debut, EP (2012) – free download!

Fred Lefranc – Guitar, Vocals and Ben Delacroix – Drums formed Meredith in Paris, France and this four track free release available through their Bandcamp page is an excellent mixture of raw (garage) Punk – in the vein of The Stooges – , dark, contorted post Rock with roots back to Joy Division, adding some heavy (Post) Hardcore energy and not at least their own originality with cutting edge experimental taste. As they describe themselves perfectly: “Meredith are the bastard child of a drunken encounter between Dave Grohl and Shannon Wright, the duo Meredith was born on a moonless night, in the back of a filthy cab. Bearing the gifts of raw, uncompromising ruthlessness, with some siblings in Barkmarket, Fugazi and Trail of dead, their lineage is extensive and impassioned.”

Definitively we deal with some contorted souls and their music might not be releasing, but it’s definitively an exciting journey to the darkest corners of the human soul and mind. Their sound is an excellent mixture of classic 80’s Post Punk and modern Indie/DIY/Garage Rock with the mandatory post-everything taste. Noisy, still sometimes quite sensitive, Meredith nail its audience and this debut EP only open the appetite for more to come.

Meredith – Official Site
Meredith @ Bandcamp
Meredith @ Facebook

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