The Hunting Accident – Trees And Parks (2012)

“Every human being, even the youngest, is already old – that is, so close to death that he or she does not, in any case, have time to efface the accidental quality of the accidents of which his or her life is composed… We human beings are always more our accidents than our choice.” – Odo Marquard “In Defense Of The Accidental”
The Hunting Accident are a band from Los Angeles and their music is an excellent mixture of the 70’s pulsing heaviness with good sens of punk edginess and some tasty psychedelia and the tight and pounding modern sound and approach of the nowadays Indie and Post Rock. It’s almost like sending David Bowie to 2069. This music is ageless and without frontiers, they have both roots to American and Brit bands, in one moment you definitively will hear some The Beatles influences while in the very next moment there is something which reminds you The Stooges. And all these dualities I think are the strength of The Hunting Accident.
And more, they release comes for FREE, you can grab it, share it, listen to it and if you enjoy it, make a donation, they definitively deserve it!

I’m gonna simply quote their official bio, and let them introduce themselves. “If you’ve heard of Piebald (not completely unlikely) or Arlo (somewhat more unlikely), then you have heard Travis Shettel, Aaron Stuart, and Nate Greely in their spunk-filled youth (gross).
If you haven’t heard of either, don’t feel bad, I’ll fill you in. Arlo made a couple records for Sub Pop in 2001 and 2002, some people called them power pop, compared them to Sloan and The Posies. They toured their butts off across the U.S., Europe, and Japan, with folks like Foo Fighters, The Shins, The Walkmen, and Rilo Kiley. They got weirdly popular in Japan for a little while, got in some fights, and broke up in 2004.
Meanwhile, on the east coast, Aaron and Travis were in Piebald, being more hardcore, or post-hardcore, or some kind of -core. They stayed together a few years longer than Arlo due to better record sales and superior conflict resolution skills, put out five albums on various labels, and wandered the globe, playing shows with Jimmy Eat World, Jejeune, Saves The Day, Dinosaur Jr., and probably more stuff they can’t remember. By 2008 they called it quits as well.
Suddenly bandless and therefore jobless for the first time since high school, these strays were taken in and fed by other bands. Travis played with The Duke Spirit for a while, and started and ended a band called The Was. Nate toured with his Sub Pop labelmates The Elected, and then with the Seeds (yes, with Sky Saxon, it was trippy). They returned to Los Angeles around 2009 with improved chops and broader horizons, recruiting Pete Beeman (Burning Brides) on drums and Brynne Copping on keys, and formed The Hunting Accident.
Their initial offering, a 4-song 7″ on The New Black records garnered a surprising amount of radio and press attention. After several tours the band returned to the studio, again working with Eric Palmquist, who by this time had earned some renown as the producer of the Wavves “Life Suxx” EP. The result is a 6-song 10″ out July 17th on The New Black. The sound is bigger and markedly more polished than their previous offering’s more stark post-punk aesthetic. Their staunch proletarian sensibility, however, means the songs are still pretty rock and the album covers are still made in a garage out of wood.”

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