Masked Toys – Bipolar Disorder preview

Some authentic Thrash which reminds me mainly of Exodus and Tankard and the good-old-days of the late 80’s, beginning of the 90’s. We’ve got three pretty raw recordings, but it definitively goes with the style. Luci – Voice & Madness, Bogdan – Guitars & Ideas, Sorin -Bass & Other strings, Ursu – Drums & Techs and set-up get back together last year determined to kick it hard again after a 16 years hiatus.
Originally formed in autumn of 1993, by Sorin (bass and vocals) and Bogdan (guitars), both freshmen at Iasi University, the kine-up was completed with Debo on drums, Cip on bass, while Sorin has concentrated exclusively on the the lead singer duties. After finalizing several songs, the band had gigs at “Rock Gala” in Bacau, “Young Rock for Youngs” in Piatra Neamt, where they were awarded the “Best Newcomer” prize, along with other regional shows. In February 1995 they recorded the demo “Greatest sHits” whose exciting originality blew up the underground scene. After an impressive participation at “Top-T Buzau”, Sorin had to leave the country in 1996 and the band failed to compensate his absence while Bogdan and Debo joined the Romanian-American band Destroyer.
But real passion never dies, therefore, in 2011, after Sorin had the chance to meet Luci (vocals) and Ursu (drums), the Masked Toys’ adventure began again. They quickly co-opted Bogdan again, and the band is back on track with full force. Taking by assault the stages again and working on the brand new set of songs, we’ve got a three track teaser of what’s coming up.

“Really Goin'” sounds raw, but biting, that good old good got a fresh breath and pounding hard. “Won’t Loose” bring several more complex/technical solutions, while “Travel with…” is another piece of classic Thrash Metal. Looking forward to listen the whole album and eventually see them live.

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