Useless – Born To Lose (2011)

I was expected something like The Exploited, but this is more like Suicidal Tendencies. Very neat, brutally incisive, raw, but filled not only with anger and raw fury, but also with smartly sneaked harmonies and melodious parts between the merciless pounding and cutting guitar riffs. Perfect match, as it is quite interesting how they combined lyrics both in French and English. Not quite surprising while we’re talking about a band from Montréal, Canada.
Germ Sauvé (guitar/vocal), Gino Bouchard (Guitar/vocal), Amélie Rouillard (Bass) , Pierre Bouvier (Drum), and Samuel Bourgeois (guitar) delivered a color and powerful debut album filled with killer tracks and great ideas.
Four tracks, “Born to lose”, “Breaking down”, “White pride” and “Ain’t no shit” are available for free download at their Bandcamp page, although can buy the full album for only 7.99 CA $.


01. I’m’a… (02:29)
02. Kill (02:20)
03. Enraged (03:39)
04. Born to lose (01:26)
05. Les corbeaux (04:37)
06. Breaking down (03:47)
07. Something stollen (02:10)
08. Une gueule contre le mur (02:35)
09. Going nowhere fast (00:58)
10. White pride (02:56)
11. Just another story (02:21)
12. Ain’t no shit (02:24)
13. The world upside down (03:14)
14. Outro (01:51)

Useless @ Bandcamp
Useless @ Facebook

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