This Year’s Girl – Personal Ghosts (2011)

As much as I hate labels and boxes, genre classification, I had to admit that in a busy world with mainly superficial relations and all things done in the hurry, music became part of our outfit, mainly nothing but a background buzz coming from our iPod (or something) to cover up all the other noises around us and isolate us definitively from the rest of the world. Yeah, you’re gonna say I’m mean and probably you’re right, but still, I’m telling you facts. Music is only an additional part of your iPod and the iPod is just another fancy gadget incorporated in your daily dress code. Music is nothing more than your key ring, it’s one click away on the internet or you can buy it from the supermarket.
With all the internet (and press-kit I received) I didn’t managed to dig out too much about This Year’s Girl and if I’ll tell you this is some kind of pop-rock you’re probably will think of some sort of freak, half Madonna, half god knows what and that, my friends, it’s not quite true, actually it’s pretty far from reality. Eventually This Year’s Girl reminds me of the Americans OK Go and the British The Enemy or a mixture of this two bands and “Personal Ghosts” is an album with excellent vibe and a few extremely catch songs.

Call it power-pop, indie pop or in the good-old fashioned way pop rock, This Year’s Girl find something special, very catchy, a formula of their own. “The Half Floor” kind of hypnotize you, you just have to turn it up and “Love & Rocket” follows in a dizzier tempo, the world starts spinning around and you can’t stop the music. It feels good, familiar, quite friendly. And from “Candy Store” to “Mr. I Don’t Know” and from “A Hunger Strike” to “Personal Ghost” each and every song ties you down with something.
Good music needs no labels, do not fit into boxes, but in our heart. This Year’s Girl is this kind of music.

Can listen the album on their Soundcloud page.
This Year’s Girl – Official Site
This Year’s Girl @ MySpace
This Year’s Girl @ Facebook

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