John Zorn – At The Gates of Paradise (2011)

Products. We’re living in a world of quite well defined rules and products. Sometimes maybe the rules might not seems so strictly outlined, but they actually are. It’s part of the “phenomenon” that I called “are we getting stupider?”, but generally speaking we’re know exactly about almost everything we consume what it is. Anyway, at least they make us believe we do. 😆 I mean, when you buy a cheeseburger at the fast-food at the corner you know for what you pay for, when you buy a Mercedes you know what you pay for, when you buy a Michael Jackson CD, well, you know exactly what are you gonna listening to.
When you listen a new Zorn album, you don’t even know what to expect of. And ladies and gentleman, that’s why I love Zorn and I believe he worth all our attention.

“At The Gates of Paradise” takes on a mystical journey upon William Blake’s visionary poetry and Zorn delivered this delightful and hypnotic suite performed by John Medeski on piano and organ, Kenny Wollesen on vibes, Trevor Dunn on bass and Joey Baron on drums. Delicate pianos, smooth and delicious vibes with subtle shadows and peaceful lights gathering together on the gentle sky made up of mystical thoughts and intelligent sounds. Improvising, but conscious, settled, but creative, Zorn is always the same: different and diverse.


1. The Eternals
2. Song of Innocence
3. A Dream of Nine Nights
4. Light Forms
5. The Æons
6. Liber XV
7. Dance of Albion
8. Song ofExperience

My words are kind of useless here. I’m gonna quote the presentation from Tzadik. “Channelling the work of Romantic visionary William Blake and ancient Gnostic writings from the Nag Hammadi archives, At the Gates of Paradise is the newest installment in Zorn’s ever growing catalog of mystical works. The music is filled with bright light and a childlike innocence, and ranges from long form compositions with constantly shifting time signatures that unfold with a compelling inner logic to mysterious ballads and hypnotic moods. Featuring an all-star quartet of Zorn true believers, 20-year veterans who perform this music with a special passion and searing intensity, the performances are filled with exciting solos and brilliant group interaction.”

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    • sometimes Zorn don’t play anything on a Zorn album…. 😆 😆 😆 Cool, isn’t it? 😀
      His compositions and signature are quite enough. 🙂

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