Rotting Out – Street Prowl (2011)

Fast and furious. 6131 Records promised “energetic, fast paced hardcore in the vein of Striking Distance and Black Flag” and it’s reminds me of Billy Milano’s M.O.D. (Method of Destruction) with less thrash infusion, but still on the same crossover/hardcore punk direction. And it’s something here also from the unfamous Billy’s humor, one of their best song being “Laugh Now, Die Later”. Walter, Carlos, Tank, Jorge and Ben comes from Los Angeles, California and their hardcore punk is fast as it is possible, still melodious, two decades ago for sure I would mosh out my ass on it. This high-energy, pumping, straight and powerful approach has its indisputable charm and live, down at the club, there’s nothing proper than this loud and angry, spitting right in your face approach.

The album consist of 11 tracks on the speed-lane, “Laugh Now, Die Later”, “She Sings”, “Reel” and “Eyes Peeled” strikes at first, but all the songs are written and played in the same manner, maybe a little bit too in the same manner. Still, Rotting Out are 101% better than 99.9% of the nowadays only so-called punk bands. This is old-school, but still, kicking like a mule.

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