Let’s Get It – Masters Of The Universe (2011)

Joe, Tyler, Taylor and Chris from Dayton, Ohio delivering their debut album called “Masters Of The Universe”. This is a blending of pop, rock, club and dance punk schemes witch may remind us eventually of The Black Eyed Peas, Datarock, La Roux, The Veronicas and a few other artists from a wide range of genres, you just can name them. As an exercise, imagine New Kids On the Block playing Linkin Park songs… It’s not only hard, but maybe quite unnatural. Anyway, something like this came out from this four guys and I’m actually pretty curious if this will be the next success story. It depends exclusively on the support of the media. “Keep It Up” may be anytime a mainstream hit.

Let’s Get It Songs by letsgetit

“We Don’t Care” could be placed on any later The Black Eyed Peas albums, while the very next “Masters Of The Universe” revels more guitar orientated themes. Actually, they have a few nice moments, good grooves, better themes and not only and exclusively cliches. Still, satisfying everybody may not be the best way to a larger audience, but marketing makes miracles now days. So, with a little luck, a new star coming.
This is a nice, danceable album, so dig out your blue suede shoes!

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