Mombu – Mombu (2011)

Mombu – Mombu (2011) Well, I love crazy shits and this is one of the craziest shits I heard lately, so I love it. This is hardfuckingcore, we’ve got African rhythms, fabulous grooves, complex rhythmic structures and instead of crushing edge guitars, a mind-blowing bariton saxophone. Mombu reminds me on one hand of the The Thing, they have the explosive creativity of that improvising Norwegian/Swedish Jazz band, but Mombu use grooves, themes, killer unison, on the other hand they reminds me of one of my favorite bands, the Norwegian Shining. The duo consist of Luca T. Mai, the saxophonist from the band Zu and drummer Antonio Zitarelli from the band Neo. 

Their intense and extremely inspired debut album consist of 8 killer tracks and it will be released by the Italian label Subsound Records. Extreme Jazz and Metal, Voodoo and Hardcore are melting into a new and breath taking experience, noisy explosions and improvisations are overlapping heavy grooves and exciting breaks and crushing themes. This is absolutely brilliant!

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