John Zorn – The Song Project Vinyl Singles Edition (2014)

John Zorn – The Song Project Vinyl Singles Edition (2014) This is not an album, but a treasure with the characteristic of a dynamite: it will explode right in your face in the very moment when you will push play.
Although there is a solid line-up of gifted singers such as Jesse Harris or Sofia Rei, the crown belongs to the genius of Mike Patton. He’s really something and he is brilliant, sparkling and unique each and every time, with each song he reveals another shade or dimension of his unlimited possibilities to approach and perform a song. It’s both admirable and completely disarming.
But the release feature a whole army of outstanding musicians conducted by the man who put all this “atoms” and “elements’ to work, the Magus John Zorn. Marc Ribot – Guitar; Trevor Dunn – Bass; John Medeski – Organ, Piano, Fender Rhodes; Kenny Wollesen – Vibes, Joey Baron – Drums and Cyro Baptista – Percussion are the solid foundation of these sonic buildings. Read more John Zorn – The Song Project Vinyl Singles Edition (2014)

Lush Rimbaud and zZz – Split, The V’ll Series # 1 (2013)

If you’re looking for something different, the Italian fromSCRATCH Records just released on February 2013 a split EP with the Italian band Lush Rimbaud and the Dutch duo zZz.
The V’LL series is a 12” coloured vinyl series released with artwork by Nico Villani (a.k.a. V’ll), handmade serigraphy (ltd. 300 copies) and featuring two different bands each release. The vinyl cost 16€ – shipping costs included.
This is a short, but consistent incursion into the alternative/experimental area of music. While Lush Rimbaud building upon the solid ground of the 70’s experimental and psychedelic rock, easily related to Hawkwind or more recently to the sound and explorations of The Flaming Lips. On the other hand, zZz have a more dance oriented approach building edge-cutting dance tracks with twisted out noise layers. Feels like Joy Division on steroids and some dangerous experimental drugs!
Trust me, this is addictive, serious shit! Awesome! For real. Read more Lush Rimbaud and zZz – Split, The V’ll Series # 1 (2013)