Peace Of Mind – While My Akai Gently Weeps (2011)

This is a beat tape made from some of the famous songs of The Beatles. We’ve got “A Day In The Life”, “Happiness Is A Warm Gun”, “I Want You”, “While My Guitar Gently Weeps”, “She Came In Though The Bathroom Window”, “Strawberry Fields” as well as some of Lennon’s songs as “Give Peace A Chance”, “Imagine” or “Instant Karma”, and some of McCartney’s songs as “Band On The Run”.
And well, even if there was some legal issues regarding the copyrights, this is a free mix tape, can download the stuff from All Bout Beats or Bloggerhouse.
I grew up listening my mom’s The Beatles vinyls, I learned English this way, listening, singing and translating word by word with the dictionary their lyrics. And actually it’s hard not to love them. Hardcore fans and conservatives probably will consider inappropriate to “mess” with these songs, but actually this is a quite enjoyable mixtape, have some bright moments and after all, it’s all about the beat, isn’t it? 🙂 Enjoy it! Read more Peace Of Mind – While My Akai Gently Weeps (2011)

SPIN Magazine’s Free Album Download!

“Whoachella” is the SPIN Magazine‘s Soundtrack for The annual Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival that kick off  today in the California desert and it’s a three days event. So, if you’re not a subscribed reader of the Magazine, you can go on their site and giving up your e-mail, you’ll get this mixtape for free.  Nice. 🙂 Features tracks from PJ Harvey, Cut Copy, The London Suede, Wire, !!!, Big Audio Dynamite, Glasser, The Chemical Brothers, Lightning Bolt and Erykah Badu, 10 tracks, perfect for a loud and hot party, Friday, Saturday or even Sunday evening. It has a warm taste of the sweet eighties, but the pulse of the now days indie. But hey! free stuffs are good stuffs and if you miss the event, this mixtape makes you move on. So, shut up and dance motherfucker!

Download your free copy