Hatriot – Heroes Of Origin (2013)

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Hatriot - Heroes Of Origin (2013) This is a journey back in time. The perfect (metal) time capsule which bring the listener back to the golden age of thrash metal, somewhere between 1986 and 1992. Maybe because this is partly the music of my restless, headbanging youth, maybe because the nowadays fancy metalcore mainly sucks, Hatriot was a quite pleasant surprise. Those wicked riffs sounds familiar, the tempo it’s fast (as a shark!!) and the Hatriot machinery seems unstoppable and exhaustless. And well, who would expect anything less from a legendary singer as Steve “Zetro” Souza? And to have a real bridge over time, there are two other Souza’s involved in the band, Steve’s son, the bass player Cody Souza, and drummer Nicholas Souza. What a murderous family business!! Impact is Imminent!!! Read more Hatriot – Heroes Of Origin (2013)