Scooter – The Big Mash Up (2011)

Kind of unbelievable, but this is the fifteenth studio album from this German hard dance band. From their early “happy hardcore” up to dubstep, Scooter have experimented with several dance genres and sub-genres such as hardstyle and jumpstyle, and moving between hip hop and hard rock, shifting from trance to house smoothly. Ans “The Big Mash Up” is about mashing up all these styles and genres, twisted out the classic euro-disco into dubstep and blend happy hardcore with hard dance into one. The Scooter’s trademark sound combining simple and catchy melodies with fast tempos are all over the new album and most of their melodies eventually sounds familiar. This is quite a mash up. But probably… winning is everything. Read more Scooter – The Big Mash Up (2011)