Destroy Nate Allen – With Our Powers Combined (2012)

Nate Allen sounds pissed off. I said pissed off? Very pissed off. “Emergency” is a killer track, and not the only one out of 15 brand new genuine Punk anthems. And I would accentuate the word genuine. This is absolutely honest and breathing music, nothing sounds fake, prefabricated, predictable and tasteless, empty. They put lot of soul and energy into this. This time Nate and Tessa are backed-up by a full band and this definitively gave a plus energy to this songs. And not at least in this dark times, this is fun. What the hell, we talk occasionally On the Internet, don’t we?
Destroy Nate Allen started as the solo/quiet acoustic musings of Nate Allen and has evolved and twisted into a two piece Rock’N’Roll attack, sharply focused on showing people a good time.
Combining Tessa’s impulsive theatrical urges with Nate’s love for early 90′s Pop Punk, DNA play Folk music like Punk Rock and definitively they make you sing, laugh and dance, buy another beer down in the club, and eventually buy their CD. Read more Destroy Nate Allen – With Our Powers Combined (2012)