Dirty Shirt – Dirtylicious “Track by track”

Dirty Shirt - Dirtylicious (2015)

Dirty Shirt - Dirtylicious (2015) Dirty Shirt is one of the most original and active rock bands in Romania. “Dirtylicious” the forth studio album, promises to be one of the most interesting and groundbreaking releases on the Romanian and European metal stage.
But what Dirtylicious it’s all about and how it sounds let’s hear it directly from the guys from the band!
“After releasing our new album “Dirtylicious” we started a “track by track” series on our Facebook page. The idea was to share with our fans the little stories behind each song. Surprisingly, there were people who actually followed this series closely and specifically asked us to continue when we temporarily interrupted it because of the tour. This is why we decided to collect these stories in one article, and we are especially grateful to Brushvox for giving us this opportunity. We hope you will enjoy it.” Read more Dirty Shirt – Dirtylicious “Track by track”

Dirty Shirt – Maramu’ (demo version)


Demo version of “MARAMU” – a track from the upcoming DIRTY SHIRT album “DIRTYLICIOUS”.

Premix: Mihai Tivadar (MT Sound, Grenoble, France)
Test mastering: Attila Brushvox (Brushvox Studio, Bucarest, Romania)

Audio production will be completed by Charles “Kallaghan” Massabo (mix @ Kallaghan Studio, Los Angeles, USA) and Alan Douches (mastering @ West West Side Studio, Los Angeles, USA). Read more Dirty Shirt – Maramu’ (demo version)

Dirty Shirt – Freak Show Remix Contest

Are you a musician? Would you like to “play” with the song “Freak Show” by using the original audio stems or you own recordings? Enter the “Freak Show Remix Contest” and you can win cool prizes worth more than 1,500 euros (gear, software, mix/mastering session, cash, etc).

Read more Dirty Shirt – Freak Show Remix Contest

Dirty Shirt – Freak Show (2013)

The circus it’s back to the town! Run and hide while you still can, the freaks are out of leash! Or just turn up the volume, dig out from the corner of your soul your rusty air-guitar and bang the hell out of your head!
Formed in 1995 in a small town called Seini from Maramureş, Romania, by four young and enthusiast musicians, Dirty Shirt released their third (and deadly) album these days. The vivid mixture of Western, Industrial fueled Hardcore Metal and Eastern folklore never sounded better and more cohesive. It’s a rarely happy marriage between different sounds and aromas, a smartly conducted collision of cultures and concepts. Although, Dirty Shirt reminds me of Tankard, Leningrad Cowboys and Faith No More, and they have solid roots back to the late 80’s, mid 90’s metal, this still sounds powerful and alive. Alternative metal, smartly layered and tastefully flavoured with nu-metal, metalcore and genuine (home made 🙂 ), secret ingredients. Read more Dirty Shirt – Freak Show (2013)