Atomik Clocks – Death Funk EP (2016)

Atomik Clocks Death Funk EP 2016 Social Buttons by Linksku

Atomik Clocks Death Funk EP 2016 Atomik Clocks it’s a jazzcore band from Firenze, Italy. They are pushing the so-called envelope over the edge to widens the unexplored borders of music.
Some people make music because they need to express their feelings and thoughts, some people make music for fortune and fame. Sometimes this two things are come together, sometimes not.
Art is not always audience friendly. And this is just cool.
Atomik Clocks makes music, they give artistic expression to their untainted feelings.
They made some giant steps forward since their previous release. “Death Funk” kind of reminds me of Frank Zappa.
It’s vivid, bold and have a good sense of humor. Read more Atomik Clocks – Death Funk EP (2016)

Atomik Clocks – Magdan in Charleroi (2011)

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Literally mind-blowing Funk, some pumping Punk energy and pounding Rock attitude, Atomik Clocks delivering a quite refreshing mixture of Jazz, Funk and Rock, merging the spirit of free, improvised music with the power and weight of experimental spiced, Progressive Rock, eventually reminds me of Morphine.
“Magdan in Charleroi”, their first full-length release is available as digital download for only €3 on their official Bandcamp page, and definitively it worth every single penny of it!!
We’ve got 10 groovy, sometimes pretty Psychedelic taste-like, experimental, but not pointlessly abstract songs, an exciting mixture of styles and approaches, the saxophone playing the main role, but the killer funky bass is equally present while the drums offers the solid bases for these sonic jams. Read more Atomik Clocks – Magdan in Charleroi (2011)