Atomik Clocks – Death Funk EP (2016)

Atomik Clocks Death Funk EP 2016

Atomik Clocks Death Funk EP 2016 Atomik Clocks it’s a jazzcore band from Firenze, Italy. They are pushing the so-called envelope over the edge to widens the unexplored borders of music.
Some people make music because they need to express their feelings and thoughts, some people make music for fortune and fame. Sometimes this two things are come together, sometimes not.
Art is not always audience friendly. And this is just cool.
Atomik Clocks makes music, they give artistic expression to their untainted feelings.
They made some giant steps forward since their previous release. “Death Funk” kind of reminds me of Frank Zappa.
It’s vivid, bold and have a good sense of humor.

Meanwhile bass player Francesco Li Puma took over the saxophone duties as well and he simply blows his mind and lungs out.
It’s hard not to love the funky feel of “Stevie Wonder is our Stevie Wonder” or the complex rhythmic and twisted out melodies of “dirty sgamBetti”.
In between, Atomik Clocks have fun and are not afraid to go off wondering and experimenting.
And I respect that, I love that. I’m bored of nice, clean and predictable, radio friendly and “commercially correct” releases.
This is something else. The real thing.

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Francesco aka “Eh allora fai tutto te” Li Puma aka great chief of the super heavy homecooked raw fonk soul ceppicone number one grand master splash mista pumatheman in yo face!!!
At Maremma Impestata Ladra Studios and through cheap headphones between August and Dicember 2015.

All songs by Francesco Li Puma, Marco Ruggiero, Mattia Betti, Tommaso Baldi.
All sounds * by Stefano Spataro (aka Atomik Clocks’ Yoko Ono).


Francesco Li Puma: bass, tenor and sopranino saxophones
Marco Ruggiero: drums
Mattia Betti: synths
Tommaso Baldi: guit

our gold guests are:

Stefano Spataro: sounds*
Giosho Posho aka Giorgio Carotenuto: guit on “inferi fonk / minciampooh”
Sebastiano de Gennaro: vibraphone, xylophone, percussions on “Stevie Wonder is our Stevie Wonder”
Dedicated to Alex Sceccu.

Released August 8, 2016

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Atomik Clocks Death Funk EP 2016

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