Basement – I Wish I Could Stay Here (2011)

Basement. Don’t matter what others may say, I really don’t give a shit about, believe me, I think it’s pretty dumb to name your band with a one – common – word. The world really gonna mad, every fucking single day independently or through one of the few trillion labels, a few trillion albums are released. I quite believe: everybody’s singing, nobody’s listening (and care). And very few are actually interested in buying something. So, if you name your band as probably at least a few others already did and some few will name their own a few minutes later, you’re just increasing your chances to stay unnoticed. Not to say that if somebody will try to “googling” you, there’s absolutely no way to find you. “Cloudy Basement”, “Burning Basement”, “Bass-ment”, fuck knows, but try to figure out something.
The very next issue is: “Basement? Oh, that guys sound just like Title Fight…” Read more Basement – I Wish I Could Stay Here (2011)