Waltari – You Are Waltari (2015)

Waltari - You Are Waltari (2015)

Waltari - You Are Waltari (2015) If you’re nostalgic for the 1989–1991 type of, “The Real Thing” era Faith No More, Waltari definitively it’s your type of band and you will devour their 14th studio album released on February 27, 2015.
The band’s name is a reference to the popular Finnish author Mika Waltari, a favourite author of guitarist Jariot Lehtinen.
Waltari was formed in 1986 in Helsinki, Finland, by Kärtsy Hatakka (vocals and bass), Jariot Lehtinen (guitars) and Sale Suomalainen (drums). Sami Yli-Sirniö joined as second guitarist in 1989.
Their first album entitled “Monk-Punk”, was released in 1991 followed next year by the album “Torcha!” (1992) on which Waltari started blending various musical styles into the sound that would become their own although there are strong similarities with the style and sound of Faith No More.
Their previous studio album, “Below Zero” was released in 2009 followed by a cover album entitled “Covers All” in 2011 – and I have wrote about it – read my review HERE.
The new album, “You Are Waltari” was introduced by the single “Digging the Alien” which also got a music video.

Kärtsy Hatakka looks like Ronnie James Dio, but sings more like Ozzy Osbourne.
This is a solid album from a solid metal band blending all type of metal from classic flavored heavy metal to experimental extreme metal, but also introducing pop-like catchy melodies, wicked riffs and sparking, modern synth pads and riffs.
Obviously, it’s hard to get rid of the Faith No More comparison, but make no mistake, Waltari have their own way of mixing and delivering their genuine stuff.
If you love experimental metal, you’re not brainwashed and do not scream bloody betrayal if on a metal album you hear a nice synth riff, Waltari will definitively charm you.
Both musically and technically this is flawless!
Hard not to bang throughout on songs such “Solutions” or not to sing on “Right Wing Theme”. Enjoy!!


01. 12
02. Tranquality
03. Solutions
04. Only The Truth
05. Mountain Top
06. Right Wing Theme
07. Strangled
08. Keep It Alive
09. Singular
10. Not Much To Touch You
11. Hyväolihyväoli
12. Drag
13. Televizor
14. Diggin The Alien

Kärtsy Hatakka — bass, lead vocals, keyboards (1986—present)
Jariot Lehtinen — guitars, backing vocals (1986—present)
Sami Yli-Sirniö — guitars, backing vocals (1989—1995, 1999 and 2001—present)
Ville Vehviläinen — drums (2004—present)
Kimmo Korhonen — guitars, backing vocals (2009—present)
Nino Silvennoinen — guitars, backing vocals (2013—present)
Jani Hölli — keyboards(2014—present)

Waltari – Official Site

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