3 Teeth – 3 Teeth (2014)

3TEETH - 3TEETH (2014)

3TEETH - 3TEETH (2014) “Industrial mayhem” – it describes perfectly the essence of 3 Teeth. In a world of boring and predictable EDM, these old fashioned Ministry flavored music it’s refreshing and intense enough to tear you apart.
Actually that intensity, the simplicity, the hard hitting noises and several simple, but wicked, bone cutter guitar riffs are the aces from the sleeves of this L.A. based band. I love this album, it makes me wanna scream (again), kick me out of my chair and make me bang like a maniac. And honestly, I’m kind of old and rusty for that, but these guys managed to bring out (or back? ­čÖé ) the animal from me. And that’s pretty cool because that’s all what this music it’s about after all, isn’t it?

“Nihil” kicks in grinding slow and banging. It’s an explosive mixture of rhythmic noises, subtle and mysterious melodies, heavy riffs and distorted vocals. It’s all perfectly crafted together and irresistible. Bound by flesh, freed by blood… – it will ringing in your ears for a while. It’s a good old fashioned dark industrial anthem.
“Consent” it’s build upon some banging drums, twisted off sick noises and distorted screams and vocals. Pretty awesome. Experimental and industrial in the manner of the early Ministry albums (“The Land of Rape and Honey” and “The Mind Is a Terrible Thing to Taste”). Love it.
“Pearls 2 Swine” bring back some late 80’s vibe, it’s the perfect mixture of industrial and post-wave sounds with aggrotech flavors, reminded me of bands such as Combichrist.
“Dust” have a nice Nine Inch Nails touch with some Ministry resonances, all with roots back to the early and mid 90’s. The main riff it’s contagious.
“Master of Decay” felt like a Bigod 20 or a classic Front 242, shows what really EDM music sound like and how it should sound. It’s a quite dark trip, have nothing in common with this nowadays fancy, empty and meaningless dance s*it.
“Unveiled” chill things down with a smooth, but gloomy journey into the softer, but still dark enough corner of the electronic music. A nice synth riff enforced with a deep bass run and some colorful noises and guitar interventions makes the picture full. Nice!
“Dissolve” it’s a classic industrial ride in the manner of Die Krupps. Intense and dark, wicked and addictive.
“Eradicate” it’s another unleashed monster, have roots back both to Ministry and Nine Inch Nails, but it’s also a genuine 3 Teeth beast. Noises, riffs and obscure, melodious pads are build together smoothly into an intense grinding.
“X-Day” banging furiously packed up with contorted noises and edgy riffs. Simplicity means efficiency and 3 Teeth knows exactly what makes these weapons so deadly.
“Final Product” have a massive chorus and some cool synth and guitar riff pairs. It’s a quite wicked ride to self-destruct.
“Antiflux” slow down a little bit, it’s another darker trip into a sick and disturbing universe, but there still enough sharp edges and cutting noises to make you bleed and suffer.
“Chasm” it’s build upon some really banging drums and percussion with some Oriental flavored melodies and deep, dark basses. Cool. Love it.
“Too Far Gone” it’s another piece of intensity based on some slow, but heavy riffs and addictive guitar and synth melodies. It have a kind of tribal flavor and a nice arrangement with strings. Beautiful.

An intense album with lots of different colors and sounds, all with solid roots back to the classic industrial music pioneers, but looking bravely into the future. A must have!


1. Nihil (4:02)
2. Consent (3:01)
3. Pearls 2 Swine (5:02)
4. Dust (3:45)
5. Zeit (0:39)
6. Master of Decay (4:49)
7. Unveiled (3:09)
8. Dissolve (3:06)
9. Eradicate (3:15)
10. X-Day (3:14)
11. Final Product (3:07)
12. Antiflux (4:35)
13. Chasm (2:55)
14. Too Far Gone (4:10)

Buy it or steal it, it will definitively rock you! BUY IT NOW! (Digital copy for $10 USD.)

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3 Teeth


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