Sammy Hagar – Sammy Hagar and Friends (2013)

Sammy Hagar – Sammy Hagar & Friends (2013) Mr. Hagar, the successful businessman, nightclub, restaurant and store owner, tequila and rum mogul, but not at least rock star, is back solo again. While everybody expecting the revival of his Hagar Schon Aaronson Shrieve and the new formula including Neal Schon (Santana, Journey, Bad English), Michael Anthony (Van Halen), Chad Smith (Red Hot Chili Peppers), this solo project come a little bit by surprise. The album it’s a vivid mixture of memorable heavy riffs (“Not Going Down”, “Knockdown Dragout”) and easy summer (blues) songs for tequila spots as the cover of Jimmy Buffett’s “Margaritaville”. In between we’ve got “Personal Jesus” (Depeche Mode) and “Ramblin’ Gamblin’ Man” (Bob Seger) covers, lemonades (“Father Sun”) and classic rock tracks (“Bad On Fords and Chevrolets”). Not bad for an alien abducted, 65 years old red head! 😆
Seriously? This is a fine and classy Hagar album.

It’s the same Hagar I always loved. We’ve got a few memorable and massive riffs, Hagar’s voice is still shining and it’s powerful and he know to write real songs with driving verses, great choruses and killer hooks. I prefer the more crunchy moments, the bad to the bone riffs and the songs with meaning/message as “Winding Down”, but the bluesy and laid-back vibe is also part of Hagar’s own personal charm, but between “All We Need Is An Island” and “Going Down”, I chose the ride with the second one.


01 – Winding Down
02 – Not Going Down
03 – Personal Jesus (Originally recorded by Depeche Mode)
04 – Father Sun
05 – Knockdown Dragout
06 – Ramblin’ Gamblin’ Man (Originally recorded by Bob Seger)
07 – Bad On Fords And Chevrolets
08 – Margaritaville (Originally recorded by Jimmy Buffett)
09 – All We Need Is An Island
10 – Going Down
11 – Space Station #5Live From Ronnie Montrose Tribute Concert (deluxe edition bonus track)

The album was released on September 24, 2013, by Frontiers Records.

Sammy and Friends


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