Lush Rimbaud and zZz – Split, The V’ll Series # 1 (2013)

If you’re looking for something different, the Italian fromSCRATCH Records just released on February 2013 a split EP with the Italian band Lush Rimbaud and the Dutch duo zZz.
The V’LL series is a 12” coloured vinyl series released with artwork by Nico Villani (a.k.a. V’ll), handmade serigraphy (ltd. 300 copies) and featuring two different bands each release. The vinyl cost 16€ – shipping costs included.
This is a short, but consistent incursion into the alternative/experimental area of music. While Lush Rimbaud building upon the solid ground of the 70’s experimental and psychedelic rock, easily related to Hawkwind or more recently to the sound and explorations of The Flaming Lips. On the other hand, zZz have a more dance oriented approach building edge-cutting dance tracks with twisted out noise layers. Feels like Joy Division on steroids and some dangerous experimental drugs!
Trust me, this is addictive, serious shit! Awesome! For real.


1. A Finger Composition (Lush Rimbaud)
2. The Freak Dream (Lush Rimbaud)
3. Alone (zZz)
4. Pretty Little Monster (zZz)

Recorded and mixed between 2011-2012 by Giuseppe Caputo at fromScratch studio, Firenze
Mastered at new mastering studio, Milano

Lush Rimbaud:
tommaso pela (vocals, guitar, synth) david cavalloro (guitar, vocals, synth) marco giaccani (bass, vocals) michele alessandrini (drums, electronics)

Lush Rimbaud begin to play in Falconara, Ancona, Italy in 1998. After some self produced cd-r and a 7″, they debut with “Action from the basement” co-produced with bloodysound, from scratch and sweet teddy. In 2010 they release “The Sound Of The Vanishing Era” (LP+CD FromScratch, BrigaDisco, HotViruz, BloodySound, NarvaloSuoni, SweetTeddy), recorded by Fabio Magistrali and distributed by Audioglobe, oriented to a psychedelic and krautrock sound. The album release is followed by an italian and U.K. tour, in Italy they open italian shows for Liars.

Björn Ottenheim (vocals, drums) Daan Schinkel (organ)

zZz is a Dutch band from Amsterdam, founded in 2001, formed by Björn Ottenheim and Daan Schinkel. On their first album, the instruments of the band only consisted of an organ and a drumkit. They have since incorporated other electronic and live elements into their sound. The duo makes dark, danceable rock. The single “Ecstasy” was used in the soundtrack of the film Phileine zegt sorry and in an episode of the fourth season of Skins. In 2005, the band won an Essent Award and opened for Anouk in a few shows. In 2007, they opened the exhibition Nederclips in Stedelijk Museum ‘s-Hertogenbosch SM’s by recording a video for the track “Grip”, with producer Roel Wouters, for a live Audience. “zZz is playing: Grip” has been screened at festivals all over the world. It has won best music video award at Festival du Clip in Paris and the Best Short Award at the Playgrounds festival in Tilburg. It was nominated as Best Animation for the Dutch Design Award 2008, as Best International Video at the MVA in London, for cutting edge Dutch music video at IAFF 2008. The concept of the music video has been used in a Fiat Punto ad. The song “O.F.G.” was used in the soundtrack of the video game Driver: Parallel Lines. The song “Soul” is featured in the soundtrack of the video game Driver: San Francisco in 2011.

Lush Rimbaud @ Facebook
zZz @ MySpace

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