Tribute to Laghetto – Il coraggio di essere suonati (2013)

Un omaggio ai Laghetto This is a double album, tribute to the Italian hardcore punk band called Laghetto compiled by the Italian music web magazine Impatto Sonoro. And what for these guys was a year of hard work, you can have it for free by giving up your precious e-mail address HERE. But, as they say, more then a tribute, this is a declaration of love. Although Laghetto prefers to called themselves a”ninja-core band”. So, this is Ninja love. Kind of murderous, isn’t it? And well, you got the chance to get know a lot of really ass-kicking Italian bands of different genres given quite different flavors to the original tracks.


And not at least, can grab also for free the compilation, best of Laghetto IL CORAGGIO DI NON SUONARE – Discografia (1999​-​2007​-​2011) – 54 tracks, just enough to get know what kind of crimes Laghetto committed.

Impatto Sonoro – Official Site
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Un omaggio ai Laghetto

Laghetto – official Site
Laghetto @ Facebook
Laghetto @ Bandcamp
Laghetto @ MySpace

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