Zero Absolu – Automn (2012)

Merging Aphex Twin with Sigur Ros, and opposite emotions as melancholy and fury, Zero Absolu it’s a modern, gloomy, atmospheric trip to the outer, unexplored territories of Post-Rock colored with smooth, waving electronic layers.
Created in French, in 2006, Zero absolu (Absolute zero) is a personal and solitary project by Nak.
“La fuite” (The escape), the debut EP was released in 2006, followed next year by the concept album “Du vide au néant…” (Emptiness to the void). “Dans les bras de Morphée” (In the arms of Morpheus) was released in January 2010, consist of 22 songs. Another EP, the 6 track “Eyjafjallajoküll” (Icelandic for “Island mountain glacier” – it’s the name of one of the smaller ice caps of Iceland) it’s released in February 2011.
Released on 12 January 2012, “Autømn” it’s the next journey into the turbulent, but vividly colorful, frozen, but still any moment ready to explode music of Nak, 13 steps further into this mysterious, but smoothly flavored universe of sounds, words, images and emotions.

This is the third album Nak has written under the Zero Absolu moniker and this is a fluid, soulful, still gloomy, sometimes fever burned and tumultuous journey of self-searching by exploring the universe, and discovering the universe by exploring the self. Nicely layered, electronic and acoustic textures, smooth textures and contorted, noisy guitars, pounding drums and subtle grooves are the audio weapons of Nak to build up his own universe of emotions and bring to life his own flavored, genreless and edge cutting music.
Motion full and emotional, “Autømn” is a groovy, colorful journey, it will hypnotize and fascinate you, took you to unseen places by its secret magic. €1 for the digital download of this 13 tracks it’s a small price to pay for an unique experiment.

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