Dub Pistols – Worshipping The Dollar (2012)

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No sex, but dub!! Still, quite addictive and possible, contagious!
Formed and surfaced in London, in 1996, by ex-club promoter, producer, vocalist, DJ, Barry Ashworth, busted out declaring “There’s Gonna Be A Riot”. While their incendiary live show ensured a solid worldwide following through relentless touring, the records took their own path, moving swiftly on from initial Big Beat Whoopee into celebrations of two lifetimes of musical obsessions, the Reggae-Punk implications of the Dub Pistols moniker just the launch-pad. Merging melodious Pop with edge-cutting Dub and not loosing for a single second the biting tooth of Punk, Dub Pistols grown into a murderous entertaining machine bringing serious social issues to the dance floor.

My personal favorites are “Mucky Weekend”, “Bang Bang”, “Rock Steady”, “Gunshot” and “Give a Little Dub”, but the whole album spinning around, pounding, it’s full of infectious grooves, horny, highly addictive themes and killer beats.

01 – Alive
02 – West End Story
03 – Mucky Weekend
04 – Bang Bang
05 – Rub a Dub
06 – New Skank
07 – Rock Steady
08 – Countermeasure
09 – Gunshot
10 – Bad Card
11 – Give a Little Dub

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