Edgecrusher – Damagemaker (2012)

Edgecrusher - Damagemaker (2012) 12 murderous, good-old fashioned groove metal tracks, Pantera fans will be definitively satisfied by this Russian outfit. They incorporated in their “edgecrusher” sound several modern elements, like using synthesizers and have several Korn-alike nu metal grooves and layers, but generally they staying solid in the traditional, heavy, metal area. Some of their riffs even reminded me of Iron Maiden (“Real Monster” for instance), so, this is more close to the classic metal then to the nowadays post-metal and metalcore products.
And just to be goddamn honest, even to take a closer look to their album art, worth a few minutes.


Grinding and pounding, “Damagemaker” it’s definitively a powerful, balanced, headbanging metal album.


01. Just Some Grief 04:03
02. Devastator 03:44
03. Real Monster 02:38
04. Gone To Decline 04:21
05. Slow Interruption 03:41
06. Fall 04:03
07. Damagemaker 04:37
08. Ruiner 04:50
09. Disaster 03:14
10. Kiss The Serpent 03:54
11. Loosing Game 03:41
12. P.S. Don’t Forget Me 04:33

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