Nickelback – Here And Now (2011)

I admit it right from the beginning: I never was a fan of this Metallica diluted into mainstream rock kind of shit, Nickelback never meant something for me. Sorry folks! So, I listen “Here And Now” absolutely detached, I didn’t expect anything. And well, this is almost a correct rock album. With few exceptions. For instance the 80’s disco and Sandra-like “When We Stand Together” is absolutely senseless or quite out of my sense of humor anyway. Unfortunately they choose it to be the lead single of the album. The opening “This Means War” sounds more driven, more appropriate, but probably too heavy for most of the radio listener housewives… After all these years, Nickelback still don’t realize that it is not possible to satisfy everybody and actually, it’s not even necessary. But I understand, the pressure is high after their previous multi-platinum selling “Dark Horse” in 2008. But once again: a real rock band is not about multi-selling. Or it shouldn’t be. Although, I’ve got nothing against being famous, popular and rich by selling lot of records and being rock star. But not with all and any cost.

And I’m just curious: anybody actually are still buying stupid ballads such as “Lullaby”? Holly crap! Maybe I gave up too soon my Hi5 profile while most of the people considering MySpace as something aged and out of use! 😆 😆 😆
“Kiss It Goodbye” almost sounds like a Marilyn Manson anthem from the “Mechanical Animal” era (1998) while the very next track, “Trying Not to Love You” sounds like a country ballad drowned into indie rock song, extremely radio-friendly, targeting eventually the lonesome truck drivers.
“This Means War”, “Midnight Queen”, “Everything I Wanna Do”, “Bottoms Up”, “Gotta Get Me Some” are rock songs, so, hitting 5 out of 11, Nickelback might looking at another multi-platinum selling with the left 6 tracks. I’m sure that driven them once again more than being a rock band.
Enjoy your meal – taste like plastic!

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